Attention Contractors

Don’t be the contractor that builds an all maintenance free home for your customers EXCEPT for the screen porch. That doesn’t make sense and it sends a mixed message to your customers.

Our screen system allows for safety railing and screening in one beautifully finished wall panel. The panels are built to your opening’s finished dimensions and the minimum amount of structural support posts are all that’s needed on your end. And because we assemble and screen these panels inside our heated facility, we can continue production and installation throughout the winter months.

The cost is competitive to stapled screen and cedar applications PLUS North Star does the measuring, fabricating, and the install. The screens are “trampoline tight” and each screen section is individually replaceable. Call backs are a thing of the past. You can’t say that about cedar!

Customers ask for:

  • The latest maintenance free “green” outdoor materials
  • Products that add a finished look and value to their single/multi-family homes
  • An open view that’s not crowded with cedar posts. Our system allows for 6’ post spacing with only a 2” side profile.
  • The most value for their hard-earned $$$$

Builders/Designers Demand:

  • Cost competitive products that are easy to sell, profitable, and only make sense on today’s maintenance free homes
  • Products that are aesthetically pleasing to their customers
  • Accommodating scheduling that meets their deadlines
  • A custom built system with quick turnaround times
  • Subs that leave the job site clean and detailed

North Star Screen Systems Provides:

  • An all aluminum product that results in years of maintenance free use and NO CALL BACKS!!
  • Screens that are trampoline tight and individually replaceable.  Try that with stapled screen!
  • Screened wall frames for above or below deck applications with a built in expansion channel.
  • Professional installation- Call us once the job is ready to measure and we take care of the rest
  • Fully engineered, code compliant, integrated aluminum railing system (36” or 42”)