Imagine the openness and relaxing comfort a full screen enclosure can provide. Grill dinner without having to run back inside after every turn of the steaks to avoid the swarms of mosquitoes.  Unwind after work with family and friends, have graduation and birthday parties, or just gaze at the stars until bedtime.  Let your pets enjoy the fresh air while being safe and contained.  It’s all possible with North Star Screen’s full screen enclosures.

In Florida and the gulf coast states these are commonly referred to as lanais or pool cages.  We modified this design so heavy winter snows don’t ruin the roof screens.  A North Star Screen Systems full screen enclosure has screened roof panels that are easily removed for the winter months and reinstalled in the spring. Four stainless screws hold each roof panel in place.  The process takes about 15 minutes and can be done from a 6’ step ladder.

If you need more shading, North Star can add a thicker sunscreen to the roof panels on your enclosure which will block up to 68% of the UV rays reaching the decking surface.  The sunscreen also drops the temperature 10 -15 degrees!  On hot days it’s a noticeable difference.

These enclosures are an economical way to enhance a deck or patio area.  The typical enclosure sells for much less than half of what you would pay for a shingled room addition.

Several different rooflines are available; vaulted gable, flat, cathedral, shed roof, or plantation, depending on the enclosure size and where it adjoins the house. We will gladly help you design an enclosure that fits your specific home.

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