Whether it’s a simple screened in entry area, an enclosed patio, or a luxury senior living condo complex with 100+ balcony decks to enclose, North Star Screen Systems has screened it.  Commercial builders have looked to us for a durable, code compliant screen and safety railing system to accent and enhance their large projects. Our screen wall panel sections have full engineering behind them.

With a maintenance free framework and individually replaceable screen sections, North Stars’ system makes life easy for owners and the building maintenance managers.


Balcony Railing


North Star Screen System’s Screen Wall Panels

Only Meets code

* Keeps mosquitoes and other flying pests out.

* Provides shading and privacy

* Screens are “trampoline tight” and are individually replaceable

* Safety railing is fully engineered and code compliant.

The railing is integrated into each panel with hidden

internal fasteners

* The system provides a beautiful finished look

* Keeps balcony clean from leaves and other debris

* Adds more usable space to an apt. or condo

* Pet owners can leave their sliders open for pets to enjoy the fresh air